It’s no secret that Air conditioners repair require regular maintenance. Otherwise, their problems can become worse until the unit breaks down completely. Calling a technician to make sure your AC is working properly is the simple part. It is also important for you to know what the technician does when he opens your unit.

This blog will help you comprehend what parts the technician checks and what can cause problems in your AC system.

What parts does the technician check?

  • The coils

Among other parts, the coils are the most important in any HVAC system. Most services that provide AC company in Pearland, TX, first check the coils inside the system. The condenser coils that are located beside the compressor need to be checked for clogging. If he notices any clogging, he will remove the coils and clean them or replace them completely if he cannot clean them.

  • Blower

The blower motor and fan can also become clogged with regular usage. Unlike the coils, where clogging reduces the air quality, clogging in the blower will reduce the airflow. Please note that the blower can be clogged while the coils are unclogged. These need to be removed and cleaned to make sure they provide proper cooling.

  • Mechanical parts

Mechanical parts like belts, bearings, rotors, etc., can have cracks or breaks. This isn’t a cause of worry because this usually happens with wear and tear. However, these problems can escalate if not solved early on. A technician will usually replace these parts outright so that there isn’t any more problem.

What is causing clogging problems?

It is always important to find out what is causing the problems in your system. Here are some of the main reasons for your problems:

  • Hair

Pet and human hair are among the biggest reasons for clogging in any part of the HVAC system. These fine hairs can easily move through the fan and get stuck inside the system. This clogging will reduce your air quality and lower the efficiency of your HVAC system.

  • Dust and dirt

 If the area you live in has many dirt entering your home through doors and windows, it can easily get sucked in by your HVAC system. These particles can easily travel through the fans but get stuck inside the evaporator or condenser coils in your AC or heating unit.

How do you find out if the maintenance is done properly?

Yes, you can ask your technician to run an operation test. This operation test is compulsory for all technicians to run after performing the standard air condition maintenance. The technician will turn your system on, make sure everything is working properly, and then turn it off. You can ask your technician whether you can run these tests without their help.

Which technician to call?

Choosing the right technician for your maintenance services is important. Without the right technician, your system can suffer. We recommend calling Pilo’s A/C & Appliance Service. They provide emergency booking for AC Maintenance in Pearland, TX, and are a budget-friendly service.


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